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The Safest and Easiest Hands-Free Way to Put on Your Shoes

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Foot being placed into shoe with Foot Funnel

What is The Funnel?

This handy device is a modern replacement for the shoehorn and makes putting on your shoes a breeze. It turns every shoe into a step-in shoe.

The Funnel® is made of durable plastic and has long a lanyard making it simple to use. It’s perfect for people who have difficulty bending down. It’s also great for people with limited mobility. It is easy to use without help from anyone else! If you or someone you know has difficulty putting on their shoes, the Funnel is a must-have. Order yours today and make life a little easier.

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Funnel Advanced Shoehorn packaging card

The Funnel has two additional lanyard fixation points that offer several lanyard arrangements:

  1. Double top arrangement which makes a loop
  2. Right-handed top attachment
  3. Left-handed top attachment
Funnel in position number three

Standard Posterior Position; This is how you will receive it.

Funnel in position number two

Top Position for right-handed users

Funnel in position number one

Top Position for left-handed users

Did you know? The Funnel has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show! 

Click to see the television segment at the 3-minute mark. 

No More Bending Over to Put On Your Shoes

Advantages of The Funnel – Replace your long handled shoe horn!

1. The Funnel opens up the shoe to make a large target for the foot.

2. It removes the obstacle of a long handled shoe horn.

3. The Funnel shoehorn breaks down the steps of shoe donning.

The Best Shoe Horn
You Will Ever Own

If you’re hoping to replace your long handled shoe horn with the Funnel you’ll be pleased to know that our products provide the following benefits to our customers:

High-Quality Materials

Made from a flexible High Density Polyethylene plastic these devices are flexible, lightweight, and durable. All parts are made and assembled in the USA.

Flexible but Not Breakable

We noticed there was an issue with our plastic in 2018 causing breakage, so we fixed it! Our newest material has been tested to be clamped onto a shoe over 100,000 times without seeing any breakdown of the plastic.

Easier for You

No more bending over to put your shoes on, simply place the device into your shoe, set it on the ground, and step into it. 

Use the lanyard to pull the Funnel out and you’re ready to walk.

Travel with Ease

The whole device is just slightly larger than the average persons hand and weighs less then 6 sheets of paper. It’s easy to carry and conceal.

If you’re looking for a superior shoehorn, the Funnel and are the best options on the market. If you’re interested in trying out our products, order yours today and see the difference!

People love Our Back-Friendly Shoe Horn

A foot in a shoe after using the foot funnel

The Funnel Tips

Here is a pro-tip about using the Funnel!

Order your Funnel today and make life a little easier.

The Funnel FAQs

Sliding foot into shoe using the funnel shoe horn
A man's hand holding the foot funnel
A man's hand placing the foot funnel in a shoe

Yes, it works great with any type of lace. You don’t need to untie the laces at all. The Funnel doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the shoe. It simply rests on the very top of the back of the shoe. 

Yes! It works with many high-top sneakers as long as they are ankle-high. It won’t work with boots that reach above the ankle. 

Yes! It works great for any foot up to a size 15 US. It also functions well with small shoe sizes like a women’s size 5.5 US.

Yes! It can be trimmed for pediatric use. 

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