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Video Transcript for “Many Ways to Adjust the Lanyard for an Easy Way to Put Shoes On”

Hi! Ian here. I’m here to talk about the lanyard part of the funnel. On the one end, you have a loop that’s meant to go around your wrists. This gives you two hands to work with and gives you a hands-free position for when you want to take the funnel out once your foot’s in. And allows you to easily manage the insertion of the funnel into the shoe. Now if you’re one of those people who really likes to jam in their foot and really pulls hard on the funnel you may find that a crack develops between the two holes here. We have these two holes as alternative spots for you to thread the lanyard. This is the posterior position as it’s sent to you. This is for the left-handed person. This is for the right-handed person. And this is the loop. Alright, so if you choose to reposition the lanyard attachment point, simply pull it out, undo the knot here, reposition it (I’m right-handed so I put it here), and tie another overhand knot. Try not to leave too much. You can leave the aglet. It’s ready to go!

If you have any questions on how you might want to set up this lanyard just give us a call. Walk on!